Dubai First Gulf State to Allow Fully Electric Reva Cars on the Road

India’s REVA cars  – which Green Prophet previously reported may soon be available for sale in Israel –  are the first all-electric cars on the Persian Gulf.

United Arab Emirate’s ruler Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s dream to turn Dubai into an environmentally friendly city is taking shape not only through participation in Earth Hour and the construction of a rotating wind powered tower, but now Dubai is the first Gulf city to license electric cars for road use.

Last month the SS Lootah Company added two of the Bangalore-made REVAs for use in its fleet of company cars.

The developments in the United Arab Emirates come after Dubai-based conglomerate SS Lootah (which deals in an array of industries, including construction, health care and education) launched a ‘Green Car Program’ for its own fleet of corporate vehicles. In the three years since introducing the program, the company has purchased compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid cars for its employees use. SS Lootah director, Nasser Lootah (pictured next to one of his company’s new REVAs above) says: “The Green Car program has seen a great progress.”

Lootah says that while the REVA normally has a maximum range of 160 kilometers per charge, conditions in UAE will limit the practical expecations to 70 kilometers of driving on a full battery. But, he notes that with zero point emmisions and a much greater energy efficiency, his company is glad to welcome the REVAs to its corporate fleet as part of their drive for minimal environmental impact.

One thing that has Lootah really excited is the ease of recharing the car. “No sophisticated infrastructure is needed for recharing the car,” he says. “The car’s battery can be recharged in a simple electric socket.”

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