REVA Electric Cars May Soon Be For Sale in Israel

BDO-I2I is looking to bring Indian-made electric cars onto the Israeli market. REVA Electric Car Company and consulting firm BDO-I2I are still finalizing the details, but there are reports imports could start before the end of January.   The news comes as Shai Agassi’s Project Better Place unveiled a protoype of its battery charging station […]


SDE to Install 100MW Wave Energy Plant in Africa

An undisclosed Muslim state in Africa has signed a deal with Israel’s SDE Energy & Desalination for a 100 megawatt power station that will harness the power of waves as electricity. SDE head Shmuel Ovadia says the $100 million facility is expected to bring in $1 billion worth of revenue over the contract’s 25-year term. […]


Dog poop DNA takes doodie off the strees

City councils world-wide are watching as municipal workers in the Israeli city of Petach Tikva are DNA-testing dog droppings in order to identify and fine irresponsible pet owners. Update in 2021: the pilot project has come to life in Tel Aviv. Under a six-month trial program residents are being asked to voluntarily bring their dogs […]