Eco-Village Kramim: A Green Ray of Light in the Negev

With so much negativity in the southern part of the country and the Negev right now, it is refreshing to learn about positive things going on in the region, such as the blossoming eco-village Kramim.

Founded recently by a group of visionary young Israelis and immigrant families, Kramim hopes to serve as a multicultural model of environmental sustainability in Israel.  As the writers of the Eco-Village Kramim website describe themselves:

“Using sustainable design and ‘green’ architecture, combined with environmental technologies and services, Ecovillage Kramim is set to become a thriving hub of social and business entrepreneurship, multicultural partnerships, fair-trade, environmental initiatives, and a source for the protection of the environment and wildlife in the Negev.”

Behind all of these lofty ideals are some serious expert planners.  The Kramim planning team includes an environmental strategy consultant, an environmental implementation consultant, and expert engineers in soil, water, air and structural engineering, as well as in electromechanical, and passive and active heating/cooling.

The residents of Kramim also hope that their green idealism will become infectious.  They now host bi-weekly ‘Sihot Yerukot’ (or, ‘Green Talks’) about ecology, recycling, energy, and green architecture.  The meetings (which are free and open to the public) include various activities such as discussions, the screening of short films and documentaries, and presentations.  The next meeting will be held on Wedensday, January 14th.

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  1. Megan says:

    I am looking for more info about volunteering at an ecovillage in israel. Thank you:)

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  3. Eva-Lena Ivarsson says:

    I am a Swedish engineer who will visit Negev in March. As I am interested in sustainability (renewable energy, architecture…), I found eco-village Kramim interesting. Where is it? Is it possible to visit?

  4. Is there any information about this subject in other languages? Happy new year for everyone.

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    Interesting story as usual!! Your blog is great, keep going!!

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