Take an Eco-Friendly Tour with Israel Travel Company

eco-tourism sustainable tourism Israel Tour Company

We’ve seen that environmentally conscious tourism is becoming more than a buzz word, what with government initiatives stepping in, and the various alternatives in eco-tourism that Israel now offers–including Kazakh yurts!

Australian-born tour guide Zel Lederman customizes personal tours for groups and families with Israel Travel Company: Israel Off the  Beaten Track, including tours with environmental themes. Tours can  include an exploration of organic agriculture, clean technology, walks  along the Israel National Trail,  bike riding adventures, and tours on  horseback.

One of Lederman’s tours was covered in Maariv (in Hebrew) — a five-day walk in the Golan for 15 members of a UIA Mission of  Australian Jewish Doctors who walk every year both in Australia and Overseas.  “They wanted to walk in Israel rather than in Tuscany or France,” says Lederman.

Lederman explains what an environmental awareness in touring Israel means to him:

“My personal experience with travelers has been that walking the land helps people connect both more deeply to themselves and to the land of Israel, and perhaps to understand more the environmental issues that we face–not as a heavy ideological issue, but as a walker who sees, smells and feels the beautiful and historically saturated landscapes  and  is confronted up close with the environmental challenges that confront us. ”

eco-tourism sustainable tourism Israel Tour Company

Lederman isn’t being passive about litter in Israel, either. “Each of  the Israel Travel Company tours tries to leave the areas we have  traveled through cleaner,” says Lederman.

“The Company is developing a
campaign with other interested parties to take practical steps to keep the Israel National Trail clean of litter.”

Lederman’s specialized tours can include some unusual and fascinating  themes. One of these is the Spice Route Trail Tour from the Egyptian border at Nizzana to Moa and Petra.

The attractions of this tour are manifold, as Lederman explains, “This is a tour whichcan really give travelers an understanding of the Israeli Negev regions, the Nabatean  and modern agricultural techniques, water
conservation, and wine growing in what we hope is a truly unforgettable experience with walking, biking, horseriding and 4×4 options.”

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