MADEO Consolidates Stylish and Eco-Friendly Design Products


MADEO does the leg work for you when it comes to tracking down cool gifts for your eco-trendy friends. You know the scenario: it’s your cool eco-friendly pal’s housewarming/birthday/holiday party/fill-in-the-blank party and you are short one fabulous/original/aesthetic/environmentally-considerate gift.  You want something creative yet functional, like a cool hanging wine glass rack or a funky bread […]

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Upcoming Giftec Exhibition in Tel Aviv to Feature Local Palestinian Handicrafts


Giftec, an industry show featuring various types of gifts and housewares that achieved great success in Tel Aviv this past February, is having another show starting today (August 10) and running through Wednesday (August 12).  The items in the show will include textiles, dishes, kitchenware, art, souveneirs, Judaica, and more. This time, however, Giftec will […]

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Amulet Gifts Bring Your Loved Ones Local, Handmade Love and Protection


Okay boys, let’s go over our Valentine’s Day list.  Organic homemade candy – check.  Potted flower plant – check.  Local handmade jewelry – ?  Don’t tell us you’re still scrambling?  The overly commercialized holiday of love is just around the corner!  Don’t worry, though.  We’ve got a jewelry tip that’s just right for your green, […]

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