Lot Spa Hotel in the Dead Sea Goes Green With Solar Power

In the Bible, Lot is well known because his wife (Irit) looked back at Sodom when angels were pulling them out of the city (even though the angels had specifically told her not to look back).  As punishment, she turned into a pillar of salt.  Luckily, things have since changed.  Lot Spa Hotel in the Dead Sea is now looking forward and turning green.

Lot Spa Hotel, a mini oasis facing the mountains of Edom at the edge of the Judean desert and located 400 meters below sea level, boasts a luxury experience to its visitors.  In addition to their newly renovated rooms, they offer a variety of spa treatments such as Dead Sea mud wrap, sulfur treatment, stone therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, and more.

If you’re worried about the effects of these indulgences on the environment, though, have no fear.  Lot Spa Hotel is making it easier to feel good about treating yourself, thanks to the many steps they’ve recently taken to go green.  These steps include:

Solar system for heating water – the hotel designed and built a solar water heating system that conserves around 110,000 kg of gas every year.

Towel project – the hotel launders the guests’ towels at night in rapid, short cycles and then dries them on special racks in order to save electricity and gas.

Sewage treatment – a special bacterial treatment at the purification plant decomposes the waste generated by the hotel and prevents ecological damage.

While Lot Spa Hotel is certainly no eco village and probably has a long way to go, we’re excited to see a mainstream hotel in such a prominent tourist location taking steps to reduce its negative environmental impact.  Hopefully other hotels will follow suit, looking forward (and not back – Lot’s wife is testament to how badly that can turn out).

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