Junktion's Designs are the Intersection of Waste and Whimsy

Junction: an act of joining; the state of being joined.

Junktion: Tel Aviv design studio founded in 2008.  Lovers and joiners of what the city dwellers clasify as junk.

Junktion, one of Tel Aviv’s newest and most fabulous reuse design studios, tries “to create a meeting point with what the city has already classified as junk.”  In taking everyday objects out of context (such as the suitcase-turned-medicine-cabinet on the left), they create funny, clever, and beautiful ways to take another look at things we so easily discard.

And when they take another look at that tossed out suitcase, or washing machine, or bicycle – that means one fewer item in the garbage dump.  Which is good news for everybody.

Junktion believes that “there is enough stuff in the world already and [they] try to take from what there is.”  In their own words, they “often find [their] desires in what no longer interests others” and “are committed to go happily to work every day.”

Sounds like a wonderful use of the creative spirit.

Some of our favorite Junktion designs were the suitcase closet, bicycle chair, cooking pot seat, and, of course, the foosball soccer player hangers.  Check out their website to get ideas for reducing your carbon footprint by using the stuff you don’t need anymore to create things you do need (thus avoiding unnecessary waste and unnecessary use of new resources – voila!).

Wanna be the proud owner of some original Israeli reuse design?  It’s not too late to enter the Third Great Green Prophet Giveaway for one of Anat Safran’s reused paper Meishi (business card holders).

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