Merav Feiglin Doesn't Make Light of Trash, She Makes TRASHLIGHTS

Merav Feiglin trash light
All of us green folk know that trash is a serious thing. It takes up space, pollutes our waterways, doesn’t decompose, and produces harmful gases. But there ain’t nothing serious about Merav Feiglin‘s Trashlights. Nope, not even close.

Merav, who also creates other environmentally friendly art such as mosaics, altered books, and collages, collects found objects that would normally end up in the trash and makes hysterically whimsical one-of-a-kind lamps out of them.

Barbie doll legs are paired with shaving brushes, rubber duckies with spoons, pasta strainers with old coffee tins. Croc shoes and toy trucks and plastic horses, oh my!

Besides the environmental benefits, using old stuff that would usually end up being thrown out has its design benefits too. Since Feiglin uses mostly old, outdated things, her lamps have a warm retro feel.

Merav Feiglin trash lightIf you want to lighten up your day, your room, or your carbon footprint, Merav welcomes visitors to her studio in Moshav Givat Shapira (call her in advance to make an appointment at 052-3575361) and to her website.

Merav’s lamps are also available at the Dalinka Gallery at 36 Shivtei Israel Street in Ramat Hasharon.

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  1. Karen says:

    Can’t get enough Trashlights? Check out Merav’s new website and mosaic workshops for adults:

  2. Wow. I want one. Inspires me to make my own trashlights.

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