Networking In Israel's Growing Cleantech Industry

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Introducing Chava Shaked, who shares her adventures in Israel’s blossoming cleantech scene.

What started off for me as a business, became a vibrant hobby and fascinating exploration into the world we live in.

This is the case with many of the people I’ve met at the Cleantech Israel meetup.  

Founded by Gene Dolgin and Jonathan Shapira (a green prophet writer), with a growth rate of almost 500 members since February 2008 and RSVP-space only at filled to capacity meetings, it is obvious that most feel this way.  What is the draw to dry science that brings so many?

Brilliant innovation.

Cleantech Israel has managed to bring together the brightest, inspired minds from the greentech community in Israel, to mingle with anyone interested in the environment, energy, water and concomitant business opportunities on how to make our world sustainable and make it profitable.

The meeting, July 29th, was held at Agnes in Ramat HaSharon; a beautiful garden café, with fruit trees and water lily ponds. Entrance was free and sponsored by Epstein Rosenblum Maoz; of the ERM Law firm. The event included an espresso and latte bar. It was a friendly place to be.

This event’s main speaker was Assaf Barnea, CEO of Kinrot Water Incubator, who gave a great overview of the water sector. Afterwards, the mingling began.

Standing nearby was an unassuming man; Dr. Shmuel Neumann; of AB Technologies, Strategic Solutions, I happened upon him during an exchange of business cards. We started chatting and he gave me his take on current environmental issues in Israel – like the controversial Red-Dead Sea Canal

as well as a taste of what his company is offering as a much better alternative, or one which can be incorporated into the current Red-Dead Sea Canal project plan. 

Working together with former NASA scientist Alexander Bolonkin, he sent me his company’s many project plans, for environment; energy and security issues and which claim to provide solutions that will:

‘Generate more water than the Nile River, generate more electricity than Israel can use and most importantly, protect our cities.’

These technologies ‘provide vast amounts of water and energy, eliminating the water and energy shortage by inducing massive amounts of rainfall and green power generation. Arid and semi-arid countries can also become self-sufficient in fresh water and generate electricity

AB also has a project plan to produce large amounts of algae, ‘which are processed to biofuels by growing the algae between the walls of transparent film domes. By growing it in domes, the quantity of algae produced is approximately tripled, making possible a greater than expected production of fuel for the market.’

Using similar technology, in June, AB announced new tactical technologies to monitor short-range missile launch attempts, to eliminate missiles on the ground before possible launch and even to destroy any launched missiles. This can be implemented anywhere in the country and is modular and fairly easy to implement.

It was obvious to me that one ever knows who one is going to meet at the next Cleantech Herzylia, whether it is the next Einstein or some polymath that will enable us to enter a peaceful world, one where there is no want of water, energy, food or security.

To quote Dr. Neumann: “If we face reality, nearly every country in the world could be as prosperous as a Persian Gulf oil state—and that is no fantasy.”

Chava Shaked is a creative, energetic person, focused toward tilting the balance to a better future, contributing toward global energy, environmental goals and a fair sense of humanity. Through a combined professional background, a career that has encompassed Insurance and Real estate, Law, Business Development and Marketing, she has gained extensive knowledge in business cultures, with planners, and investors in countries around the world and has formed her own consultancy; World Reach Consultants,  to promote Israeli greentech startups.

Chava is an active networker in Jerusalem Business Network Forum (JBNF) a monthly entrepreneurial meetup and Cleantech Israel. She is honored to participate with other like-minded people, in projects that have a positive impact on people and the environment.

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