Israeli Reuse Conference Claims that Big Opportunities Come in Reused Packages

"reuse design window seat junktion"Reuse conference brings designers and entrepreneurs together, showing that reusing is eco-friendly, fun, and profitable too.

"reuse conference israel"The concept of reuse is not new to Israel.  Over the past few years it has seen “Reuse” exhibitions in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as well as the emergence of several upcycling, sustainable designers who have brought fun and eco-friendly products to the market (check out the old window shutter turned seat by Tel Aviv’s Junktion Studio above).  But the idea of reuse as a business opportunity?  That’s something new.

The first national Reuse Conference taking place in Pardes Hana-Carcur today is trying to prove that reuse is not only creative and good for the environment, but a good business opportunity as well.  In their own words: “big opportunities come in reused packages”.

"baladi upcycled design brigitte cartier"The conference will bring together industrial designers, green entrepreneurs, industrialists, and representatives of local authorities in order to discuss the direction of the reuse industry, brainstorm ideas, and facilitate cooperation.

Speakers will include Dr. Nurit Hashimshoni-Yafe (Chairwoman of the Environmental Committee), Gilad Ostrovski of Adam Teva v’Din, Tom Sezaky (Founder and CEO of Terracycle), Ran Dotan (CEO of Nielsen), Arena Angel (an architect), Heli Alul Tselniker and Havai Livne, and Erez Steinberg of Studio eg.

Steinberg, an Israeli industrial designer who returned to Israel a few years ago after spending 20 years in San Francisco, makes it his business to “greenify” businesses.  In other words, he consults businesses and helps them find practical solutions for reducing their negative impact on the environment in creative ways that, inevitably, reduce waste and increase profit.  He will be speaking at the conference about reuse as part of the core of business, and waste as an opportunity for the manufacturer.

For more information about the speakers and the conference, visit the Reuse Conference website.

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