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When I was pregnant with my daughter I found it an ever upward struggle to understand my options here in Israel, especially as I wanted to go down a less conventional path to child care. The information was out there but so widely spread and in little known corners that more often than not I gave in. I often faced stony walls from conventional doctors when I tried to ask about my options in regards to vaccinations and the idea of combining non-conventional therapies ie homeopathy with conventional medicine.

So I was thoroughly delighted when I met Tal Kabessa and toured her new clinic Mamay in Kriyat Ono.

Tal, a mother to two children, also faced an upward struggle with her beliefs in child care. Having studied and practiced alternative and complimentary medicine for 7 years and dedicating herself to helping women and young families after the birth of their new babies, Tal realized that there must be a better way to welcome a newborn into life.

When Tal herself became a mother she understood the challenges faced by every new mother, with everyone saying it’s natural and easy, and simply not feeling like it, finding the right kind of support was essential. Luckily family and friends gave her the support needed. From her experience Tal realized that not every mother has this support system and often feels alone.

Tal felt this problem to be highlighted when the only place to consult was your family doctor or the local ante-natal clinic (Tipat Halav) where generally you are one of thousands and the route you are told to take does not allow for personal thought or opinions regarding your child’s care, and time is not given for your thoughts or needs if deemed to be unconventional.

Helping other families with her knowledge in reflexology, baby massage and herbal medicine, Tal realized that there are other paths that can be taken apart from conventional medicine to help deal with problems or difficulties a family may face in looking after their new born. Combining these benefits with conventional medicine gave Tal the motivation and vision to plan and open Mamay, an ante-natal clinic offering alternative and conventional medicine side by side.

Mamay was not an easy project to realize though with Tal’s hard work, belief and determination it came to fruition. Tal herself likens the experience to a hard pregnancy and a difficult labor. Tal’s new baby Mamay, she hopes will grow to be a warm place where new mothers can feel at home and ask all the questions that often new mothers do not have the confidence to ask, often intimidated by the conventional system.

Tal enlisted doctors in conventional and alternative medicine, and one very well known grandmother to head the nurses in the clinic, Dvora Leibovitz author of “Grandma’s Medicines”(available in Hebrew).

When I met Tal we talked about a subject very close to my heart and a dilemma that many mothers face today, the subject of vaccinations. We discussed the options of building a more personalized schedule for vaccinations, with the support of a conventional pediatrician and a homeopathic doctor. I know from personal experience that anytime I tried to follow the less conventional path, doctors and nurses tried their best to deter me, not an easy thing for a new mother.

Mamay, although a private clinic, offers hope for our health system; if more and more places like this were to open and succeed, pressure from demand will bring about change. Thanks to Tal for getting the ball rolling.

Apart from the ante-natal clinic Mamay is also running courses in: Practical Tools for Treating Baby, Parents for Parents, Doula Post-Partum, The Sense of Touch & Baby Massage Instructor.

The website is currently available in Hebrew but feel free to call the clinic, the atmosphere is friendly and Tal can help explain in English about options available.

Mamay: 39 Jerusalem Road, Office Towers, 7th Floor, Canyon Kriyat Ono; 03-7382619

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