EcoMum’s 7 Focus Points for Green Parents

Busy moms can lose their “green” focus. Green Prophet’s EcoMum goes over 7 focal point tips to keep over-stretched moms on their “eco” pointe. It’s been a while since this EcoMum reported her tips on Green Prophet. I’ve been in my “mummy bubble” and from here I take it for granted that most people these […]


Ecomum Throws a Green Birthday Party

Birthday parties can be delightful events but they can also be stressful and very unhealthy for your children and the earth. With the stress on many parents these days to invite whole classes of children, to entertain, feed and send them home with a party bag, it is no wonder that we are left with […]


Ecomum Scratches Her Head From…Lice!

The kid’s got head lice, again? Ecomum offers her natural tips. Oh the joys of back to school, done with all the holidays (for now), found bliss in returning to a routine and actually drinking my tea while it’s still hot. Then being a mum and thinking this is just too good to be true […]


Eco Your Moon Cycle

Just the way disposable diapers are a nightmare for our environment and children’s health, so are all those disposable sanitary products being aggressively marketed. Yes I know that for many, just as cloth diapers, the idea of cloth menstrual pads and moon cups are hard to swallow but really these days there are many converts, […]


EcoMum: Bathing Baby and Water Conservation

Well, winter is upon us and the rain is finally dampening the earth but that does not mean that we should forget about our water conservation efforts. One way of saving water and keeping our little ones a little more dry-eyed is by cutting back on bath-time. Coming from England where water conservation was never […]


EcoMum on Nappies & Laundry

The subject I seem to be always answering questions about is keeping those nappies clean. Unlike most European countries or the States we are yet to be blessed with nappy services. So how does one keep those cloth nappies (diapers) clean without feeling swamped? To tell the truth it’s really easy and no it does not […]


EcoMum keeps it Green and Sexy!

Well the kids are back at school, time to pamper ourselves a little. Being an EcoMum is not all about being knee deep in cloth nappies, eating organic and recycling. Okay, I admit, I do not spend hours shopping for the new trendy look and yes second hand shops and organic clothing are my buzz […]


EcoMum On Green Summer Vacations

The summer is here and the kids are at home, if they are not at summer camp then you are probably hearing the words “I’m bored!” alot, if not too much. So how to keep your kids happy and green at the same time. In the next few weeks I hope to bring you some […]