Israel Cleans Up Its Act and Recycles Its Beach Waste

beach trash recycling environmentWe are undeniably in the thick of beach season.  Deeply tanned French tourists with gold colored sandals and other stylish accessories line the beaches, the smell of sunscreen is in the air, and the plywood percussion of matkot (paddle ball) is the reigning summer symphony.

Unfortunately, all of this beachy goodness comes with a whole lot of trash.

You know the drill, you go to the beach and bring food, bottles of water, maybe some cigarettes…  And when you leave the beach, all the leftovers pretty much stay there.  We already know how bad incorrect disposal of cigarette butts is for the environment, but all those non-biodegradable plastic bottles aren’t great either.

Plastic recycling company, Collection for the Environment, finally took matters into its own hands.  This summer they distributed around 1000 plastic recycling collection containers along Israel’s shore line.  The project was partially funded by the large beverage corporations.  Tel Aviv, the summer capital of all things beachy, has around 50 of them. 

To further drive in their point, they even made the containers themselves out of recycled plastic – so beach goers realize the possibilities of recycled plastic.

So now there aren’t any excuses for seeing unsightly plastic bottles lining Israel’s beaches.  Now if there were only compost collection points so you could recycled your watermelon rinds?

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4 thoughts on “Israel Cleans Up Its Act and Recycles Its Beach Waste”

  1. Well well, is that ever some nice news! See, I’m a fisherman, and what I find on the banks of rivers and lakes truly disgusts me! There have been many a day on the water where I’ve spent more time cleaning up the junk left behind by thoughtless individuals then I have fishing. Glad to see that someone is beginning to care a little!

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