An ecomom on playing indoor games

Okay, so I know it’s hot and going outside is not always the best option. So what can we do with the kids indoors that does not involve TV and video games?

This week I will give you the rundown on indoor games, and believe you me, there is no shortage of ideas. There are card games galore, activity games that might require you to store your breakables for a while, memory games and arts and crafts. There’s even a board game to teach your kids about recycling!

Card Games

For the younger kids: Snap, Old Maid and Speed are favorites. For the older ones, how about teaching them a game of Wist.

Board Games

The selection available today is huge. Instead of going out and buying, see if you can swap between friends. There are games available for all ages, and we even have one that’s green. What’s Rubbish! is a fun recycling game aimed at children from 5-10 years old, and is available at most toy shops.

Don’t forget chess, checkers and Monopoly as unbeatable old-time favorites.

Activity Games

Here furniture and household items can provide plenty of fun. Try building obstacle courses and dens to hide out in. Simple things like feathers can keep your children occupied for ages: try a game where they need to blow their feather in the air for as long as possible, or even pass it back and forth with a friend, who succeeds the longest wins. The same principle can be applied to balloons.

Don’t forget Musical Chairs, Statues and Twister!

Arts & Crafts

Papier Mache is great fun for kids of all ages. Just mulching the paper and making the flour mix keeps the kids busy for a better part of an hour. Tear up your old newspapers and recycle all your paper. Make balls on balloons and masks on your friends’ faces.

Another favorite is Playdough–make your own and sculpt away; there is no limit to their imagination. And there is always painting, cutting and pasting and of course puppet making–get out those old holey or odd socks and away we go.

There really is no shortage to ideas!

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  1. It’s very fun to be young again. Those little kids at thier young age, will mold to become a better person someday. A person who knows how to appreciate beauty of life even on a simple ways.

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