We Have Two Winners!! Yoav Kotik Giveaway and Cool Reuse Ideas

yoav kotik goldstarFor those of you following our Great Green Prophet Giveaway with Yoav Kotik, we are proud to announce our two winners – Rebecca Markowitz and Herman Gregorian!

Both of them came up with very creative ideas for reusing things that would otherwise end up in the garbage bin, and we are going to reward them handsomely with a Yoav Kotik earring and ring set each – made out of reused Israeli beer caps. wearable stories jewelry

Rebecca suggested making jewelry out of items that have sentimental value, like tickets, stubs, cards, photos, or magazine covers. She turns regular every day items like movie stubs or bus tickets into wearable stories and is willing to turn your mementos into jewelry too!

On her website, Rebecca writes that “the idea here at Wearable Stories is to create meaningful jewelry from your adventures, collections, travels and interests.” What a beautiful idea.

cd spindle bagelHerman, our other winner, came up with a whole bunch of ideas. Our favorites are using a CD spindle as a bagel lunchbox, making a bathroom carpet out of old electric cords, turning empty water cooler jugs into a drum set, and using old audio tapes to hang up paintings. We’d like to see some of those ideas in action!

We always want to hear about your creative ideas at Green Prophet, so keep ’em coming!

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