Heschel Center's Online Environmental Shavuot Webinar

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There are lots of great environmentally friendly outdoor activities to do during Shavuot, but if you don’t feel like going outdoors (or if you’re in a cheese coma) then the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership is hosting an online seminar about Shavuot and the environment.

We applaud the Heschel Center for this creative type of seminar which is super green in two ways: it’s about the environment, and it eliminates all of the transportation needs associated with conventional seminars. This is a seminar on a carbon emission diet.

The Seminar is called Lu’ach Ve’Ru’ach – The Hebrew Calendar, Shavuot, Justice and the Earth and is being hosted by the deputy director of the Heschel Center, Dr. Jeremy Benstein. There are three ways to participate:

wheat shavuotPresentation: Take a look at the power point presentation about Judaism, the Jewish calendar and its relation to natural cycles, and Jewish attitudes towards the earth.

Forum Discussion: Participate in the online forum and write your responses to the presentation and any questions. Jeremy will respond to all comments.

Live Q&A: In addition to the online forum, there will be two one-hour forum sessions where Jeremy will be online and respond to comments in real time. Jeremy will hold these sessions on Thursday June 12, 22:30 Israel time and on Sunday June 22, 22:30 Israel time.

Hag Sameach!

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