Microfinance Event at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

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What is microfinance? How does it work? What kind of potential is there in Israel for microfinance projects to succeed?

The Microfinance Club, a project created by third-year Interdisciplinary Center students Misha Nataf, Gilli Cherrin and Simon Seroussi, in collaboration with international NGO PlaNet Finance, will answer these questions and discuss opportunities for new microfinance projects in Israel this week.

According to the Microfinance Club, awareness of microfinance as a tool for poverty reduction and small business creation is almost nonexistent, despite the fact that microfinance programs worldwide have benefitted some 100 million people to date in developing and developed countries.

The goal of the event is to raise awareness among students, banks, investors and the general population, and, in the longer term, to create a framework for Interdisciplinary Center students to study and work in the field.

The event will take place tomorrow, Monday May 19th, at the Alpern Auditorium, The Interdisciplinary Center, Hetzliya. Information will be available in English, Hebrew and French.

For more information on the web about microfinance in Israel, check out www.planetfinance.org.il or contact Misha Nataf at [email protected]

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