Israeli Company Saying "Yes" to Carrots

An Israeli company has discovered that bottling the beta-carotene goodness found in carrots (and other orange vegetables and fruits) is beneficial for skin and hair. “Yes To Carrots” is a two year-old company, based in Israel, that is now hitting the international scene.

Their secret: a combination of beta-carotene, which is said to have anti-aging properties, and minerals from the Dead Sea. And another bit of goodness: the products are free of paraben, a preservative chemical which has been linked to cancer.

The “Carrot Collection” includes products for the face, skin and hair. Recently the company demonstrated its success by entering the US market; products are being sold exclusively at Walgreens.

A reason to like Yes To Carrots: They’ve started the Yes To Carrots Seed Fund, with the goal of assisting developing communities to have their own organic food source. Donations will go towards buying equipment, vegetable seeds, and irrigation support.

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17 thoughts on “Israeli Company Saying "Yes" to Carrots”

  1. Ajmal Darwish says:

    I live in Oman and visited recently my family in Jaffa, Israel. I bought many gifts from a Sea of Life store in old Jaffa and I bought some yes to carrots products as well. I was so curious about the brand and I saw that it was created by an Israeli, I think, Uri Ben Hur. I could no understand why the management is trying to give the brand an American identity. It is not American and not Australian. I could no understand why two Australians are pretending that they are co-founder of the brand.This is insulting me as a customer that a company is not crediting the founder of the brand , not mentioning him on the web site . this is arrogance , and disgusting behavior. This company have no respect and it shows that the American and imperialism is continuing and they want to get credit on products that they did not create. tfou alikem!

    1. Ajmal, you are right the products are developed by Israelis but they have moved their business elsewhere under different flags likely so they don’t get boycotted like Ahava does. Everything in Israel is sadly… political.

      1. Ajmal Darwish says:

        your answer is irrelevant. I asked why two Australians pretends they are co-founders of an Israeli brand created by the Israeli that created Bahar Al -Hayat, Sea of Life? Uri Ben Hur. we do not boycott Israeli products in Oman, but we do not like people that lies. we are men of honor and we will appreciate if you remove false information from your web site. you should honor the sole creator and founder of the brands, Uri Ben Hur , the Israeli that changed the Dead Sea to the Sea of Life. we admire this man in our country, honest and Israeli visionary. we do not boycott his products that are made in Israel .

  2. Joseph Scott says:

    to all the internet community: Leffler and Kalish are imposters and try to present themselves as founders or co founders of yes to brands. they are not and they are responsible to the creation of a 7 million dollars debts of yes to within two years. they have created an amazing mess and amazing debts to the seventh millennium and caused dramatic damages. Google should be aware of it.

  3. Joseph Scott says:

    unbelievable but Leffler is continuing to cheat and present himself as a founder or co founder of the brand. I know the story of yes to carrots and will ask google to stiop the lies represented by Ido Leffler. He was the salesmen that created a seven millin dollars debts to yes to along with kalish in less than two years. he cheated the seventh millennium and he cheated the creator of the brand, Uri Ben Hur. what a pity.
    we have the obligation to stop imposters like leffler and kalish.

  4. The story is very problematic to yes to: they left debts of over the ten millions dollars to the inventor, in unused machines,inventory, expenses on warehouses, and if you read the complaint , filed against all the directors as well, you find the ugly face and behavior against the inventor. The complaint is 30 million dollars, but the moral question is , why did’t they cover those losses? why yes to directors are afraid to reach the trial at court? but the simplest question is why dont they pay the damages they created. nobody in America would appreciate such a behavior. I know the inventor, he is the inventor of Sea of Life and the credit is not the concern but the multi million dollars damages. I heard that detailed articles about the case will be published in main business newspapers. that’s a pity that Americans have to behave this way. Inventors are creating the added value of the future and they should be protected worldwide from such greedy investors .so,this is not a credit issue, but a multi million dollars damage to the inventor.

  5. I heard that yes to lost. it is against the American spirit to cheat the creator of a brand. Mr Ben Hur , the formulators and the creatives in the beauty industry supports you. I am happy that Yes To will finally pay the damages to the only creator/founder of the yes to brands. The investors should be concerned , because nobody will come to see them with brilliant ideas anymore. We will call soon for a public action against these people in front of Walgreens and Yes To offices . shame on you!!

    1. So what’s the story here: Yes To had an inventor who wasn’t credited?

  6. Ido Leffler says:

    This is a ugly story

  7. Pamela K says:

    I heard it is a 30 million dollars complaint against yes to and all the directors in person.
    they left the creator of the brand with a huge inventory, huge investment in machinery and unpaid invoices. the complaint is very bad for yes to.

  8. Ido Shloum says:

    is there any legal fight between yes to and the creator of the brand, Uri Ben Hur?

    1. Ido – I don’t know, is there? And why would it matter in this context?

  9. Michael Sanders says:

    Yes to Ben Hurrrrr. Israelis have the talents to create inspiring ideas. And I love to buy yes to carrots shampoo….in Sea of Life shops in Israel

  10. peter sigal says:

    hey there , I visited Sea of Life store, I think the place was Dvira, and wow , they have an amazing variety of natural products. then I saw them on the web at, I like the vision of making natural products that helps people and to develop the desert. will vist them again and I love specially the mineral flowers range that I could find in, and the idea of let’s flower the world, brilliant. I love it.

  11. peter senior says:

    he is right. the products are different.

  12. Scott Caine says:

    we were recently in Israel and had the opportunity to visit the Sea of Life factory in the city of Arad in the south of Israel.they are the natural products leader in Israel and they have an amazing variety of products unfound on the yes to line.
    the factory and the professional team are devoted . i could not get an answer why the new products on the shelves in the USA are different then the classic yes to products (much , much better, according to my wife). a question to yes to management: have you changed the formula?
    this is not the same product and I will not buy it again.

  13. joseph varo says:

    I met Uri Ben Hur the creator of yes to carrots, yes to tomatoes, yes to cucumbers, Sea of Life and he is a real green prophet

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