Rawabi, the First Planned Palestinian City

Tractors carving up the face of a hill in preparation for the new town. (Photo credit: Green Prophet) About a half hour’s drive north of Ramallah, construction has begun on the first planned Palestinian city. Surrounded by sleepy hilltop villages and terraced olive orchards, Rawabi, which means “hills” Arabic, is being marketed as a green and […]


Tel Aviv Requests Public's Help in Boardwalk Redesign

A rendering of Tel Aviv’s new central promenade: stairs leading down to the beach, a paved lower level, shade-providing structures and new sidewalk and beach furniture. (image courtesy of Tel Aviv Municipality) Two years ago, Tel Aviv presented a plan to redesign its central promenade. The plan – vague, unclear and buried inside another policy […]


Israel, Egypt Considering Joint Solar Energy Project in Sinai

Israeli Minister Ben-Eliezer addressing the Eilat energy conference this morning. (photo by Daniel Cherrin). Israel and Egypt are discussing a possible collaborative solar energy project in the Sinai desert, Israel’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Binyamin Ben-Eliezer announced this morning at the third annual Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference. According to Ben-Eliezer, he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu […]


A New New Central Bus Station for Tel Aviv?

“I used to get off at the old bus station, and to me it was like another country…” goes the Tipex song (free translation mine). Above: Tel Aviv’s Old Central Bus Station demolished. Photo by Moran Beth Halachmi, via Flickr. This week, Tel Aviv’s unused Old Central Bus Station became history. The much-maligned New Central […]


Israel's Public Housing Blocks to Get Solar Roofs

Solar panels at a testing site in Abu Dhabi. (photo by Jesse Fox) According to a report published this week in Globes, Israel’s public housing company Amidar is set to begin installing photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of its buildings. And with 72,000 housing units in its portfolio, that could add up to a […]


Citizens Shut Out as Tel Aviv Debates Skyscraper City

The Tel Aviv City Council held a discussion yesterday on a handful of building plans that, if approved, would effectively transform some of the city’s most historic areas beyond recognition. The discussion, which council members described as “fateful” and “dramatic,” drew a large number of city residents, eager to have a say in the planning […]


What's Next for Israel's Green Movement – Meimad?

Ofer Kot, #10 on the Green Movement – Meimad’s list of candidates for Israel’s Knesset, spent election day in February handing out the movement’s fliers to people at voting stations – as they were on their way out. When asked why he was giving election fliers to people who had already voted, he replied: “To […]


Green MK Dov Khenin to Run for Mayor of Tel Aviv

MK Dr. Dov Khenin announces his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Tel Aviv on Monday, flanked by members of the A City for All movement in Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir. (Photo by Yoav Lerman). What would happen if a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist were to take charge of a polluted and traffic-clogged city like Tel […]


Green Tsunami Washes Over Knesset

    Maybe it was the teetering government or the water crisis, or maybe it was just the sticky and oppressive summer heat. Whatever the cause, the summer session of the Knesset closed last week with an unprecedented burst of environmental legislation. Leading the charge was a trio of maverick lawmakers – Dov Hanin, Michael […]


Tel Aviv Puts Jaffa Skyscraper Plans on Hold

Photo by Dan Keinan, Haaretz. A modernist skyscraper was built with no connection to the existing urban context, and plans for a row of similar towers threatened to destroy the character of the historical city center. This so outraged the residents of the area that they managed to bring about a complete ban on skyscraper […]


Urgently Needed: Intelligent Urban Design

Notice anything strange about this scene? Said Leemor Chandally, who sent us these photos, “I was passing by Rabin Square, when I noticed this situation and had to laugh. A bunch of people were waiting for a bus, but nobody was waiting inside the bus stop, which was obviously brand new. Instead, everyone was crouching […]


Al Gore, Israel’s #1 Environmentalist

To be perfectly honest, I received the news about Al Gore coming to Israel to collect a $1 million prize for his achievements in raising environmental awareness with a dose of skepticism. Does Al Gore really need more money or recognition, especially when there are so many committed, homegrown environmentalists in Israel, many of whom […]


Microfinance Event at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

What is microfinance? How does it work? What kind of potential is there in Israel for microfinance projects to succeed? The Microfinance Club, a project created by third-year Interdisciplinary Center students Misha Nataf, Gilli Cherrin and Simon Seroussi, in collaboration with international NGO PlaNet Finance, will answer these questions and discuss opportunities for new microfinance […]


Why Doesn't Tel Aviv's Carmel Market Compost (or Recycle)?

Late Friday afternoon at the Carmel Market in the center of Tel Aviv. Shabbat is approaching, and the “shook” is winding down for the weekend. Vendors are hawking the last of their merchandise, heavily discounted, to the few remaining stragglers. Straining to yell over cantorial Oriental music, the vendors ask each other what time Shabbat […]