Israel's National Bird Poll: Hoopoe & Sunbird

Here as promised, bird lovers, are 2 more of the candidates in the Green Prophet/Israel National Bird Poll:

The Hoopoe

The Palestine Sunbird

Is the Palestine or Yellow Tufted Sunbird the same as the Olive Backed Sunbird? It looks very beautiful, and as the olive is the unofficial food/fruit of the Middle East, maybe that should be considered?

Anyway, please keep writing in with comments: let us know why you are voting for the bird you are, and any bird-related stories are welcome. Please keep those votes coming: VOTE HERE!

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3 thoughts on “Israel's National Bird Poll: Hoopoe & Sunbird”

  1. Mercy says:

    I thought hoopoe birds were mythical like unicorns! Learn something new every day! 🙂

  2. The hoopoe won! It’s now Israel’s official national bird and I am so happy.


  3. Michael Green says:

    I saw a Palestine Sunbird on my balcony today 😉

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