Celebrate Independence… From Pesticides in Your Falafel

israel falafelIsrael is celebrating 60 years of independence this week, and we’ve come a long way, baby. Long enough to have organic falafel on Tel Aviv’s Ibn Gvirol Street next to the City Hall.

Introducing Hippo, the hip falafel joint that ensures that every bite you take out of the national snack is pesticide free and therefore less harmful to the environment.

Located at 64 Ibn Gvirol, Hippo offers an organic, vegetarian, and undeniably patriotic way to celebrate this year’s Independence Day with some great food. At Hippo you can opt for the traditional falafel in a pita with hummus and tehini, or spice things up a little and get falafel in a whole wheat pita with some unique sauces – such as chimichuri, salsa, and garlic sauces.

hippo organic falafel

For those of you trying to think of ways to celebrate Independence Day in a sustainable way this year, Hippo offers takeaway falafel and you could easily grab some to take to an environmentally friendly picnic. Supplement that with some organic hummus and whole wheat pitas and you’re good to go. Barbecuing? How about picking up some local veggie burgers to throw on the grill and counteracting all the greenhouse gas emissions associated with eating meat?

A happy Independence Day is a sustainable Independence Day. One that celebrates our independence from harmful pollutants.

Hippo Falafel (64 Ibn Gvirol Street, 03-6093394)

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7 thoughts on “Celebrate Independence… From Pesticides in Your Falafel”

  1. Some Jews in Israel, namely the ones who’ve made falafel into a national symbol, are also Arabs.

    The argument about who owns Israel is not up for debate.

    Jewish roots go back farther than any living people today.

  2. The Truth says:

    Falafel is Arabic food, since when it became Israeli’s national food???
    The Jews stone Arab land, and now Arabic food? shame on you….you guys have No roots

  3. avi says:

    Yep, those Buddha toasts are smashing! 🙂

    Actually, one of the problems with Falafel making is that they deep-fry those falafel balls, usually using the same oil from the top of the morning till the eatery closes – which makes that into a really bad mix of cooked oil…. Making falafel in an oven actually works just fine, and one can avoid the oils this way.

  4. Karen says:

    Hey Avi,
    Hippo is not 100% organic, but mostly organic. I guess you prefer the toasts at Buddha Burgers, huh?

  5. avi says:

    Are these guys 100% organic? (as in = all oils and all of the various ingredients, as opposed to “most” or “some”)….

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