Are You An Environmental Hero?

If so, consider getting yourself nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award for Environmental Protection.

To be awarded on Israel’s 60 year anniversary, the Ministry of Environmental Protection is looking for a few good green women and men. Lucky winners will get the chance to meet Shimon Peres, Environmental Protection Minister Gideon Ezra and Minister Ruhama Avraham, who heads the Committee for Israel’s 60th Independence Day Events.

No mention of big prize booty, however, in the press release issued by the Ministry. But if you win, expect a fancy Academy Awards style statuette for your mantelpiece.

Looking for 10 heroes, Gideon is calling on the general public to take part in the selection process by submitting the names of potential candidates on the national and local levels to the committee.

Are you working in the following areas?

  • Conservation of flora and fauna
  • Open space conservation
  • Protection of environmental resources
  • Promotion of environmental awareness and awareness
  • Water
  • Cleanliness in public areas
  • Environmental research
  • Environmental legislation
  • Voluntarism on behalf of the environment
  • Development of environmental infrastructure
  • Technological development with environmental impact
  • Environmental planning
  • Communications and publications

If so, get thee nominated through here (sorry it’s only in Hebrew). Or email Alex: [email protected]

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