Biking Through Green, For Green

Previously famous for harboring a fledgling prophet in her guest bedroom for a weekend (and for cooking amazing, veggie-licious meals), our friend Debby is putting the pedal where her mouth is, and will be biking 300 miles from Jerusalem to Eilat to raise money for worthy green causes–the Arava Environmental Institute in southern Israel and Hazon, a US-based organization that focuses on greening elements of the Jewish community.

Her goal is to raise at least $3,600 – you can sponsor her by making a tax-deductible donation here.

To explain her commitment (which makes our legs hurt just to think about it) Debby writes,

“The Arava Institute is bringing people together from different countries in the region to work together on environmental issues, which pay no attention to national borders…I also think that getting people together to work on specific issues can lead to greater tolerance and understanding in general, which may lead to more peaceful relations overall.”

Meanwhile, Hazon focuses on sustainable eating and has started farm shares that were organized through synagogues. In their exploration of the green side of Judaism, Hazon has unearthed some intriguing concepts about religious practice. Debby writes that Hazon is, “getting people thinking about not only whether food is kosher in the halachic sense, but in the overall view of human stewardship of the earth.”

Most of us just like to talk about our ideals–or conversely, get some mild aerobic exercises by typing about them. Debby’s venture is an example of the conduct of a true green prophet. If you visit Jerusalem, girl, drinks are on us!

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