Knafo Klimor Architects Design True "Green House" Living For China

knafo klimor israel china architects eco-apartment photoApartments for China, outfitted with individual greenhouses. We’d live in one of these eco-abodes.

Outdoor vegetable gardens are nice, but as it turns out, they are so 2007. Now Technion Institute researchers Tagit Klimor and David Knafo have developed a design for high-rise apartments that will have their own self-sustaining greenhouses.

The greenhouse spaces will enable families to grow produce for their own consumption, with enough left over to generate additional income.

Each apartment will have a trellised greenhouse space measuring approximately 100 feet. These areas would be climate controlled and employ a system that uses soilless growing media (such as coconut, peat and other organic mixtures), a liquid fertilization system, and an advanced drip irrigation system.

The irrigation system will use recycled water from the apartments and rainwater collected from the rooftop. The building will also feature solar heating and cooling systems and a geothermal system.

For their design, Klimor and Knafo won the Second Annual Living Steel International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Design.

“The project constitutes a revolution in the existing social and urban order,” said Knafo. “Among its advantages are significant savings in energy, providing fresh, pesticide-free organic food, freeing agricultural land for forests, which contribute to the environment, preventing soil pollution by pesticides, and intelligent use of recycled water for irrigation.”

The first implementation of this design will be carried out in Wuhan, China, and according to Chinese officials, more real estate of this type are expected to follow.

If this design becomes popular, we’re interested in how it will affect neighbor-to-neighbor dynamics. “Why do their carrots always look bigger than ours?” could become a new refrain in the eternal struggle to keep up with the Joneses.

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  1. farhad Naqshbandi says:

    Dear sir

    the information about green house are very intresting and i hope you are being secces more on your feild.i also have intrest to know about green house,if you have opportuenity to send me some information about green house it will be your kind me.

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  2. chris says:

    wow, would it be possible to live in one of these? would the air be to sticky and moist? if not, they need to start making regular houses into greenhouses. i have plants in my windows and it feels like such a waste to have a flat boring wall when i could have plants all around. i’d have sand on my floor so i could always feel like i’m on a beach.

  3. Shula says:

    Where would I be able to get such a thing? I would love that for my apartment in Haifa…

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