International cannabis conference comes to Israel

Raphael Mechoulam, TCH, medical cannabis, CBD

Raphael Mechoulam, discoverer of THC, CBD in medicinal cannabis

For the first time ever, the International Cannabinoid Research Society 31st Annual Symposium will be held in Israel.  This conference is the world’s leading global forum for cannabinoid research and will run from June 21 through June 24 at Jerusalem’s International Congress Center (ICC). It’s surprising that the event was never held in Israel before considering that Prof. Raphael Mechoulam was the first to discover and chemically describe the cannabis molecules THC and CBD while he was working at the Weizmann Institute labs in Rehovot. 

Along with plenaries and presentations on a broad range of cannabinoid-related topics, including autoimmune disease, epilepsy, pain management, PTSD, obesity and cancer, the event will host a 90th birthday celebration for Prof. Mechoulam on Thursday, June 24, now at Hebrew University.

It was Prof. Mechoulam’s research paper on cannabis and epilepsy that spurred a desperate mother of Charlotte Figi to ask her physician if cannabis could be used to treat Dravet’s syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. The treatment helped Charlotte for a number of years until she succumbed to Covid in 2020. This was a cornerstone for cannabis as a conventional therapy for treating disease in the United States and it was based on Israeli research.

Green Prophet’s founder Karin Kloosterman also founded a conference in Israel called Canna Tech which has gone on to create international opportunities in funding and research towards cannabis as medicine –– even among ex-Israeli politicians.

Interview Topics at Cannabis conference:

–        How Israel successfully won the bid to host the ICRS in Israel;

–        The latest in medical marijuana research;

–        The history of cannabis research;

–        Israel as a world leader in cannabis research;

–        Treating autoimmune disease, epilepsy, pain, PTSD, obesity and cancer, among other ailments with medical marijuana.

–        Mechoulam’s contributions to the field of medical cannabis.


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