Commercial brands that are also eco friendly

teva forever sandals

Fashion brand from the 80s, Teva, breathes new life into old soles.

It starts with a whisper from Rachel Carson in the 60s and starting now 2021, it’s going to be an ecological thunder. Maybe it’s COVID-19 or Greta Thunberg, or a general awakening of humanity, but haven’t you noticed how brands you love are adopting eco-friendly practices, even claiming to go carbon neutral from their source, and not by just buying carbon credits?

Green Prophet has reported on eco companies over the years and normally we love a novel idea like a good solar company helping Africa

But companies unrelated to the just goal of saving the planet can also be part of the big idea. Here are companies doing cool things that are helping the planet in unexpected ways. 

There are plenty of digital media companies out there providing a lot of information on eco friendly products, eco friendly brands, and what you should be looking for. We recommend you take a look at some of them and one of our favorites is the team over at Puratium. They go into extensive review of many brands and eco friendly products. Check Puratium out here.

Estee Lauder shows us that when it comes to the planet they are more than skin deep. To achieve Net Zero emissions and RE100 goals by 2030, Estée Lauder reduced its carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy. The company signed a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) for 22 megawatts of wind power from the Ponderosa wind farm in Oklahoma to cover more than half of the company’s electricity footprint with renewable energy technologies. 

Next on our list is Everlane. It’s an American sustainable brand that focuses on timeless pieces, clothing, shoes and bags alike. If you visit Everlane’s website you will see that they give you a starting price point, but then you can chose to pay extra to sustain their green production process. 

Everlane has headquarters in San Francisco, California, plus offices in New York. The company has now vowed that it will stop using virgin plastic by this year, 2021. In 2018 Everlane started a new campaign called ReNew where they create outwear crafted from the materials that were created out of 3 million recycled plastic bottles.

Teva sandals, seeing a revival from the 80s, just announced TevaForever, a partnership with the international recycling leader TerraCycle, dedicated to giving well-worn Teva sandals a new life. The recycling program reinforces Teva’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and keeping waste out of landfills.

Well-worn Teva sandals have a soul of their own, shaped by every wild adventure they’ve weathered. When they are ready to be retired, there has never been a great place to go—until now. Through the TevaForever Recycling Program, well-loved Teva sandals can be mailed to TerraCycle at no cost to the customer, diverting them from landfills so they can be recycled into something new. Teva’s long-term vision is to work towards solutions to one day fully close the loop by recycling old Teva sandals into new ones.

Another fashion brand we love is Veja. Veja was founded in 2003 by Sebastien Kopp and Francois- Ghislain Morillion. The founders met with organic cotton farmers in North Brazil and wild rubber tappers in the Amazon to establish the production chain behind Veja. In 2006 Veja started using vegetable-tanned leather to produce its now world-famous sneakers. 

The Veja trainers are made of organic cotton, wild rubber, and vegetable-tanned leather and recycled plastic bottles. These shoes don’t just look great, they are made from great things.

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