How digitalization can lead to a greener planet


At present, we’re dealing with major disruptions to our daily lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people being forced to stay at home. Digital technologies help ensure continuity during these disastrous events by enabling the transition to an age of knowledge and productivity. It sounds so obvious and simple, yet digitalization is often overlooked. What’s more, it’s commonly misinterpreted and misapplied. Digitalization means more than just making the conversion from analog to digital. It implies leveraging digitized data to impact how things get done. 

Equally important, environmental sustainability can be achieved via digitalization. As digital technologies become more integrated, we and the planet benefit. Maybe digitalization won’t save us, but it will have a fundamental impact. Digitalization isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity. Our planet needs to be taken care of and there’s no question of delay or postponing. If you’re curious to know how digital transformation can lead to a greener planet, please continue reading.  

Reducing global paper waste

Surprisingly, paper has a dark side. As more paper is thrown in the trash, more land is needed for waste containment. Plus, paper waste presents hazards such as toxic inks, dyes, and polymers. Going paperless is of the essence. Here’s something you can do: record your interviews. Recording interviews rather than taking notes can help. You can eliminate distractions and focus on the question. An interview transcript will help you conduct follow-up research. You can hire transcription services online in this sense. The work is sent by email, so no single piece of paper is printed. Anyone who is committed to doing what’s right for the planet can go green with transcription.

Working from home 

There’s no person that doesn’t like working from home in their pajamas. These days, many companies let their employees work remotely, which is great news for the planet. Working outside the traditional office environment reduces the number of cars on the road, so there are fewer greenhouse gases to worry about. Most importantly, people are motivated to save energy, which reduces air and water pollution. Different tools enable telecommuting, fully covering the needs of remote teams. 

Influx of apps for communication

Effective communication is important no matter what times we’re living. Information needs to be accurate, authoritative, reliable, and easy to understand. Websites, but most importantly apps, help disseminate information and make it possible for people to stay connected. Social networking apps don’t exactly offer trustworthy information, but they help people stay in touch. It’s no longer necessary to use pen and paper. Even businesses can improve communication with clients through social media apps. All in all, electronic communication is more convenient for the environment. 

To sum up, digitalization is a great way to accelerate the transition to a greener planet and a more resilient economy. Valuable time and energy can be saved by letting go of manual processes. There has never been a better time to digitize operations. It’s time to redefine how we do things to save the planet. If we don’t act now, who knows what will happen.

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