Vertical garden pockets spotted on Tel Aviv patio!

It’s officially a craze! People are starting to garden everywhere in the urban environment. From rooftops in San Francisco to patios in Tel Aviv and Dubai, people are starting to understand that producing one’s own food is a smart way to take control of one’s own diet and carbon footprint. Spotted here is a nice urban design in Tel Aviv called Green Pokets.

Vertical gardens can be complicated hydroponic set ups with pumps and sensors or as simple as pockets made from old plastic signage that contain soil.

Ma ze? What’s that? the guy asks.



On a sunny day last week Green Prophet spotted these pockets filled with soil and plants pushing up into the warm winter Middle East sun. Make your own or call the number to buy them – if you are local.


These simple pockets, probably mispelled as pokets, were found on Salame Street in South Tel Aviv last week. It’s an area heavily populated by African refugees and working class people.



We caught a couple locals checking out the pockets as we took pictures of these easy to do vertical gardens hanging from a small corner bar patio.

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2 thoughts on “Vertical garden pockets spotted on Tel Aviv patio!”

  1. Laurie Balbo says:

    Very cool! – but is the “pocket” actually newsprint? Or vinyl or similar printed to look like the news?

    1. It’s vinyl, so it seems.

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