There is negative pressure on Ebola with Sys isolation tents from Israel

Sys Technologies isolation tent

The Israeli company Sys Technologies are ramping up efforts to produce their special isolation tents in the global fight against Ebola. The special inflatable tents isolate the environment around the patient so that others, including doctors are not infected. Sys has already started selling its special tents, pictured in white below, to Guinea, while nearly countries have put in orders.

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While the number of infections are low in the Western world, the majority of the death toll to Ebola is Africa where some 10,000 people are infected and some 5,000 people have died. The United Nations WHO, World Health Organization is desperately looking for ways to stop the spread of the virus and this Israeli solution could be one hopeful contender.

Sys tents use negative pressure to isolate Ebola victims


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Yossi Yonah, the inventor of the tent which relies on negative pressure to suck in air from the tent so it doesn’t go outward said to local media: “There is currently no effective treatment for Ebola, so the principal weapon against it is to isolate the patients so that others aren’t infected. Our units are far more readily available than other mobile structures, and they are hermetically sealed and protect the surroundings from the patients.”

Sys portable tents invented for combat and natural disasters

sys-isolation-tent-ebola sys-isolation-tent-ebola-africa

The tents are completely sealed and the company Sys has also developed a special stretcher to support people with the Ebola virus so they can be isolated from other people effectively.

Sys website is here

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