The Right Way to Eat an Apple (video)

Well, your mom has been teaching you wrong. The right way to eat an apple is not from its sides. There is another more complete way of eating an apple, a trick you need to teach the kids.

It’s a way to consume the whole apple, eating about 30 percent more of the apple – the entire apple.

I’ve seen outdoorsy men and past boyfriends doing this, and just the other day I thought to myself – there must be lots of tasty parts around that core that I am throwing away. There is another way!

Let’s start saving the Middle East by reducing food waste!

how to eat apple

With autumn bringing a bounty of juicy apples to us in the Near East, this video how-to couldn’t have come at a better time. And if you really want to take your life hacking skills to a new level, learn how to de-seed your pomegranates using a wooden spoon here.

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2 thoughts on “The Right Way to Eat an Apple (video)”

  1. Paul Ringo says:

    An even simpler way is to slice it into quarters and simply cut out the roughest part of the core. You can save the seeds easily and give the pocketknife a workout at the same time.

  2. wow.. new lesson today..

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