Pomegranate Seeds Removed in 10 Secs With Wooden Spoon (VIDEO)

pomegranate deseed seeds wooden spoon

Now that winter is here we celebrate the virtues of the pomegranate. Did you know it is a plant of the Koran and it is also celebrated by Judaism? But how does one eat the seeds of this delicious and healthy fruit without spending hours doing it by hand? This video below shows us.

Click below for the full demonstration

Got the seeds out? Now is the time to eat them. Or try pomegranates in some delicious Middle Eastern style Green Prophet recipes. Hey did you know that pomegranates are also an aphrodisiac?

Learn how to make your own pomegranate molasses here

When you’ve got that done, use the pomegranate molasses in a recipe for an almond torte or use the pomegranate molasses on a lamb kebab.

My favorite memory of the pomegranate is eating them poolside with a bunch of international hooligans travellers in Turkey. We just plucked them off the tree then slipped into the pool.

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6 thoughts on “Pomegranate Seeds Removed in 10 Secs With Wooden Spoon (VIDEO)”

  1. Eva says:

    Loved the tip. However, four and a half minute to show me how to do something in 10 seconds?

    1. We didn’t make the video. Just shared it. But that gives us a good idea…

  2. Saran Kirschbaum says:

    Thank you, have been putting them in oatmeal for breakfast.

    1. It’s a great tip, eh? No need for extra devices on the counter or the hassle of sitting down to pull out the seeds by hand!

  3. Laurie Balbo says:

    It IS freakin awesome!!!!

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