Israel’s Animal Abuse Story in Tnuva Meat Plant Causes Furor

cow in israeli meat industry abuseCaught by Kolbotek’s hidden camera: a former dairy cow gets shocked on the way to being slaughtered

Following the TV exposure of severe animal abuse in Israel at the Tnuva Adom Adom livestock slaughterhouse  a public outcry has been raised among Israel animal rights activists over the cruel tactics used on livestock brought there for slaughter. In addition to public demonstrations outside the Dairy Giant Tnuva’s headquarters in Tel Aviv  petitions are being circulated to have the slaughterhouse closed down due to cruel and unusually harsh treat of animals.

This  abuse included hitting and kicking the animals and poking them continuously with iron bars and  electric “shockers” to force them to move along quicker to the area where they would be slain. This cruel treatment of animals has resulted in the  Tnuva company facing criminal charge of abuse and cruelty to animals, as reported afterwards by  Haaretz.
protest animal rights meat industry israelEnraged Israelis protest in front of Tnuva’s Adom Adom offices

The treatment of livestock at the Adom Adom slaughterhouse, often from the hands of inexperienced employees, has been brought to the attention of Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan who said that “this exposure of abuse is added proof that the protection of animal rights shouldn’t be left in the hands of the Agriculture Ministry, which is mainly concerned with the best interests of the food industry.”

The use of electric shocking devices appears to have set off a number of alarm bells in Erdan’s environment protection ministry and resulted in confiscation of the shocking devices by the police .

Erdan, one of the rare ministers who actually knows something about environmental issues, is concerned that the abuse practiced at the Adom Adom slaughterhouse is in violation of Israel’s Animal Welfare Law in which is stated: “A person shall not torture an animal, treat it with cruelty or mistreat it in any way.”

Animal abuse at slaughterhouses and similar facilities, especially during the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) has also occurred in Palestine, where a frightened cow about to slaughtered in Gaza turned on its proposed slayer and killed him.

A member of the Jordanian royal family, Princess Alia, has spoken out in favor of more humane animal slaughter during festivals like Eid al-Adha.

In regards to the revealed animal abuse at the Adom Adom slaughterhouse, the petition submitted to Israel’s High Court of Justice by the NGO’s Anonymous and Let Animals Live informed the High Court that the abuse the animals have been subjected to “was not exceptional, but was methodical, routine and continuous.”

The petition states that  animals suffered electric shocks to all their body parts, including their heads, faces and testicles.

It’s more than enough to make consumers think twice when considering purchasing a beef roast, steak, or package of ground meat under the Adom Adom label.  Those of you are meat eaters and wherever you live, when biting into your favorite hamburger think of the suffering the poor cow who “contributed” the meat patty for it had to endure.


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