Halal & Organic – The Skincare Range That Cares About The Planet

halal-organic-skincare-green-muslims, halal organic skincare productsFaiza Hussain, who has started a small online business selling halal and organic skincare products, tells us why she ditched the chemical-laden products she used to love

Like most women, Faiza Hussain’s fascination with creams, lotions and potions started at a young age. As a teenager she had a collection of skincare products she adored but as the years went by, she became a mother and a wife and also began to wonder what exactly was in the products that were going into her skin. After some research, she found out that lots of products contained alcohol and animal fats (including pork substance) as well as chemicals that were known to cause irritation to sensitive skin. So she began to make her own all halal and organic products for her young family. Soon her friends and family were asking for more and so ‘Halal & Organic’, her online shop, was born. 

“Halal & Organic uses alternatives to alcohol such at Ethanol/ Ethyl and animal fats (including that from Lanolin which is a form of halal alcohol derived from animal fats and animal content such as sheep) which are heavily used within the skincare industry,” explains Faiza Hussain who has a BA Human Resource Management. “Some chemicals are known to cause irritation to sensitive skin, whereas others remove natural oils from the skin which is important to keep the skin hydrated preventing dryness.”

The range she put together takes these issues into consideration and is consequently non-alcoholic, animal fat-free, Vegan, Vegetarian and preservative-free. It is also against animal testing and instead uses natural ingredients that are trialled out by volunteers.

As such, Faiza Hussain is keen to highlight that the range isn’t just for Muslims. She explains that it appeals to everybody who is concerned about the kind of chemicals in their skincare products and is eager to give something more natural a go.

The Halal & Organic range includes moisturisers, skin scrubs, oils and also a range of baby products. “We receive great feedback Alhumdullilah and whilst an online store is suitable for now as it is a small business from London, maybe one day (god willing) we’ll open a store or branch out to retailers supporting the same ideas,” adds Faiza.

Halal & Organic joins a growing selection of Muslim skincare ranges that are halal and green. OnePure, which caters mainly to the Gulf consumer is certified halal and Saaf, offers organic skincare products and oils. Samina Pure Makeup is based in the UK and offers natural mineral makeup without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol and animal products.

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4 thoughts on “Halal & Organic – The Skincare Range That Cares About The Planet”

  1. Laman Zubair says:

    Hello, I live in Jeddah! Does anyone know of anywhere where I can buy organic beauty products, I can’t seem to find any?

  2. Faiza says:

    Hi everyone, we have plenty more products and newly added skincare and bath lines for you all to enjoy. Please check us out also on FB at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Halal-Organic-Skincare/176612992475120 Thank you

  3. sophy says:

    For more information on Saaf Pure Skincare products, and UK delivery, http://www.saafskincare.com is fully stocked with the entire Saaf collection. Saaf pride themselves on being Halal, Organic and Vegan accredited. Pure and effective skincare for all skin types. Follow them @SaafSkincare for promotions and news.

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