Love Lipstick, Love Formaldehyde?

Laurie spring cleans with her daughter and is shocked at the toxic chemicals she finds in her cupboards. Teens are especially at risk.  When your ancestral roots include a tangle of Irish housewives, you instinctively interpret “Vernal Equinox” as “spring cleaning”. I live in a furnished apartment. I’ve shed most of my superfluous stuff after a […]


Grapes In Moisturiser Are Sweet For Skin, Not Sour

Esdor’s beauty products contain healthy, antioxidant-rich extracts from grape skins, of which Israel has aplenty, and none of the bad stuff. Israel is well-known for its wines that were popular among Romans. The industry really took off in 1989 when Baron Edmond James Rothschild started the Bordeau estate Château Lafite-Rothschild. Ironic, then, that the Elah […]