Jordan Implements New Recycling Program

Jordan, Recycling, Waste Management, Middle East, Trash, Education, SchoolsIn August, Jordan’s Ministry of the Environment started a waste sorting and recycling project at public agencies. According to statements by the ministry, in the first phase of the project, they will implement waste sorting and recycling across a number of ministries, institutions and schools.

Environment Minister Yaseen Khayyat said the project is being carried out in cooperation with the private sector.

Throughout the Levant, there is an increasing awareness about the connections between education and recycling. But like their neighbors in the  West Bank, Jordanians suffer from a lack of infrastructure for waste management. According to environmental experts, most of the Kingdom’s municipalities, aside from Amman, dispose of solid waste in open spaces without lining, management or any sort of biogas collection.

Khayyat said that he hopes these waste management projects create a culture of recycling in Jordan. The Jordanian government recently passed legislation on renewable energy. And there also they have turned to the private sector. Perhaps these new public programs will be able to invigorate Jordan’s economy while increasing environmental awareness. If successful, these Jordanian programs could become a regional role model for how policies can make economics serve the public good.

::The Jordan Times

Image of Amman, Jordan via Andy Clarke, Shutterstock

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4 thoughts on “Jordan Implements New Recycling Program”

  1. I believe there is still time. I have noticed that recycling across thw world are rising. It is painfully slow but the fact that there is improvement gives me hope. A decade ago there was no talk of a middle eastern country organizing recycling programs. This article shows improvement and should give us all motivation to keep pushing.

  2. JTR says:

    Right Charlie. Hopefully there may be time enough to safely recycle 100% but I guess there is no way to know except to keep on trying.

  3. Charlie says:

    I agree JTR, hopefully it isn’t too late. It is nice to see areas really trying to make a positive change though.

  4. JTR says:

    The recycling movement is certainly woth supporting, but I wonder and I hope it’s in time to save this living planet that, in its heavily polluted condition, has fallen into global drought, wildfires, sudden storms and flash floods.

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