Jordan Society for Renewable Energy's Eco-House Education

amman-jordan-ecohouseJRES plans to make learning about renewable energy a reality for all citizens

Though not everyone in Jordan has an eco-conscience, such as the local thieves who are scheming ways to divert water, the country’s conferences and other initiatives suggest that the environmental movement is finally gaining ground.  And the Jordanian Society for Renewable Energy (JRES) is doing their part to ensure that everyday people have access to the necessary tools to make natural living a part of their daily dialogue.

JRES also understands that often people learn best when they can put the principles bandied about in their heads — whether its math, music, or building sustainably — to practice.  Hence, according to Tammy Luck from The Jordan Times, they are building an eco-house in the country’s capital, which should completed in the middle of next year.

The house will showcase the following energy efficient and innovative building practices:

Builders will use design and location to facilitate best heating and cooling practices; they will also incorporate photovoltaic solar energy as well as a small windmill in order to generate electricity. A pressurized thermal heating system will generate refrigeration, and they will develop a system to harvest rainwater in order to provide water for domestic services.

The eco-house, which is slated to be built in Western Amman in the Jubeiha neighborhood, will not be attached to municipal water or electricity sources.  As such, this will be an excellent example of creative, ecology-centered building practices that can be applied by anyone.  And that is the main objective.

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JRES greater mission is to generate environmental awareness, share technology, facilitate investment by improving the country’s regulatory environment, and promote nationally-recognized education and training.  They are inviting dignitaries and eco-conscious tourists to put up their legs in their three guestrooms, and encouraging students to tour and learn from the facilities as well.

Finally, JRES is also establishing a laboratory.  There they will measure wind speeds and solar radiation – according to Luck – which data will be compiled along with a storehouse of technology developments in a database that will be publicly shared.  This completes their goal of transparent technology transfer and is an excellent step towards enabling all Jordanians to reap the benefits of advanced green knowledge.

:: via The Jordan Times

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  1. Amazing coincidence! This is exactly what I intend to do in South Jordan near Petra – build an eco-friendly guest house for eco tourists and locals to learn from practical solutions shown in the home. I need to talk to someone from JRES and will try to contact them on the internet. Well done! I visited Jordan this month and decided that it would benefit hugely from environmentally friendly designed homes.

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