Lebanon’s cowboys are made at El Rancho outside of Beirut

eco-tourism, easter, ranch, organic farm, sustainable travel, natureA Lebanese man takes on a bucking bull at Lebanon’s very own dude ranch… do you think he made 8 seconds?

If you’ve always dreamed about cowboys and Indians, stop. They fought and killed each other and it was grisly. But the southwestern ranch lifestyle is entirely less violent and now it’s possible to taste the experience without traveling all the way to North America. (Solar-powered planes don’t travel that far yet, and there must be more exciting ways to use up your carbon allowance, right?)

Instead, saddle up your vehicle and head to El Rancho in the Ghodras Hills, which is less than a 40 minute drive from Beirut. And then, put the sooty city behind you, don your hat and boots, sharpen up your lasso and ride baby, ride into the Lebanese sunset… with the easter bunny.

eco-tourism, easter, ranch, organic farm, sustainable travel, nature Tipis in Lebanon!

No really. This is a genuine option. There is a 300,000 square meter ranch estate that promises a genuine Tex-Mex experience. (That is a compound of Texas and Mexico that is typically reserved for food, at least as far as we know.)

Owned by Lebanese, El Rancho has horses, pigs, a peacock and even tortoises, in addition to all kinds of other animals, and they’ll set you up in tipis if you’re bold enough to try. In Lebanon!

Albeit somewhat cheesy, for lack of a better word, this is no run-of-the-mill touristy operation. El Rancho is a real certified organic farm that produces quail meat and eggs, dairy products, and chicken.

And they have all the facilities that will keep you rooted to the western world, if you so choose. There’s an ATM, laundry facilities, and even free internet (in case you need to brush up on your Native American history while you’re there.)

Every year, the ranch offers fun activities for various holidays, including easter. Here is what is on the agenda in the next few days:

Today there will be a tug of war contest, a crafts production event, and a breakdance show. There will also be an arts and crafts competition and the first candle will be lit for Palm’s Day.

eco-tourism, easter, ranch, organic farm, sustainable travel, nature

On Good Friday the Ranch will be closed, but it opens again with a whoop and a holler on Saturday, when there will be a dancing and singing workshop and knife throwing (best leave the kids in the sand pit for that one), a bonafide rodeo show, and a firecamp when the sun goes down.

Grow in Heart, Mind, and Spirit

On Sunday, the kids will be able to get their easter egg hunt fix and there will be an Alice in Wonderland themed activity as well. This sounds like serious fun, and there’s loads more to be had right up until April 15th. According to Lebanon Hotels, the owners “want to make you grow, in heart, mind, and spirit.”

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, contact El Rancho Lebanon at any of the following numbers and who knows who will pick up your call: + 961 9 741188, 741133, 70 899201.

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