Egging Me On to Start a Food Fight

egg advertisingIs no egg sacred? An Israeli company buys rights to print advertising on eggs. Stand up for your rights to crack a clean egg.

Despite the sad job of having to sell three of my young roosters back to the farm today, god am I happy that I farm my own eggs in the city. An Israeli company which manufacturers frozen herbs has imported a new printing technology from the US to advertise its products on millions of eggs. As if that fluorescent dyed date stamp wasn’t enough, the company Dorot plans on printing a whole range of advertising on eggs to get you to buy their frozen herbs. Do you see something wrong with this picture?

While I personally have a problem with buying frozen herbs in a region where they can be found fresh daily, or grown on your window sill, this egg printing business branches into a whole new field of marketing to consumers.

What’s next? Posters on cucumbers telling you to buy salad dressing? A dyed stamp on a loaf of bread selling cold cuts?

According to an article in the local newspaper YNet, Dorot’s advertising will appear on 3 million eggs and it will cost about 1.5 agorot per egg (less than a penny for the print). No mention on whether consumers will get a discount for having to look at that egged-out pollution. I would demand to get a discount on my eggs if I have to read about some frozen herb on my egg. It’s like that 20 minutes of commercials before you watch a film at the movies.


Food for thought for a new social protest?

The company’s take: “Our goal is to promote vegetable omelettes with Dorot products, and we are engaging in every possible activity with the egg market to link fresh eggs to our frozen herbs,” says Dorot Marketing Manager Zohar Shalev. “This is a new medium and we are the first to use it.”

There is already too much brand awareness and marketing in the consumer shopping experience. Dorot, leave our eggs alone. Well actually mine will be safe but if you don’t farm your own eggs, yours will not be.

And what about all that extra food dye that will leak into your food?

This week we had a record six eggs in the coop, but we also had the sad job of removing three of our five roosters. The roost was getting a little out of control in the mornings, and our hens weren’t getting any rest. But alas, I don’t have to worry about advertising on my eggs, a last frontier in food.


Image via freaking news

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5 thoughts on “Egging Me On to Start a Food Fight”

  1. I think Easter is celebrated only by a minority in Israel, but yeah that would be a bummer if you were buying eggs for decorating….

  2. Mark says:

    This sounds like a bad yolk.

  3. Who in their right mind thinks this is cool? Is this a short-term campaign ahead of Easter or is this going to be a long-term reality?

  4. I don’t know. I am assuming these kinds of egg producers will be more vigilant, but who knows. I think consumers everywhere should be protected, not just ones who can afford the more expensive eggs. Agreed?

  5. Aviva Weisgal says:

    But will they be on free range chicken’s organic eggs? If not, I won’t have to see them!

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