Seimens and Volkswagen Drive the Middle East Green

VW Touareg HybridVW Touareg energy saving  Hybrids, like this one, will soon be seen on Arab Gulf roads

Luxury cars like white  gold Mercedes Benz coupes and American high line cars like Cadillacs  have been driven by affluent people living in the Arab Gulf for years. Due to the availability of oil there, not that much attention has been given to making these high priced cars more environmentally friendly; even though one gold Mercedes model is reported to run on biofuel.  This situation may soon be changing, however, due to two of Germany’s largest manufacturing companies, Seimens and Volkswagen are reportedly teaming up to make drivers that work for Seimens in the United Arab Emirates more environmentally conscious.white gold mercedesThis Mercedes White Gold model at least runs on bio fuel

Volkswagen will be furnishing Seimens UAE employees with cars like Volkswagen Touareg hybrids as well as other models that are has less exhaust emissions. Beginning with 12 VW Touareg hybrids , VW will gradually introduce other models that are more fuel efficient as well as producing less exhaust emissions.

Stefan Mecha, Managing Director of Volkswagen for the Middle told the news site Middle East Events:

“Siemens and Volkswagen have had a long history of collaboration working on developing parts, technology and processes, and now we have this eco-friendly initiative. We look forward to providing cars and training for fuel efficient driving to Siemens employees in the UAE”.

Such initiative efforts are a welcome addition to an area where cheap energy from oil has resulted in large, gas guzzling cars being driven at breakneck speeds on desert roads and highways, and afterwards being discarded in the desert like empty soft drink cans.

By furnishing drivers with cars that are more energy efficient, especially hybrids, the result could be a new way of thinking for drivers in this region. Mr. Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO of Seimens Energy Sector, added to VW’s Stefan Mechas comments by saying that  ” this regional partnership is in line with Siemens’ global aim to help reduce CO2 emissions by 300 million tonnes.”

While still a small step in a region where Porsche sport car drivers keep baby cheetahs as pets, the team efforts by VW and Seimens are at least a step in the right direction.

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