Swiss Scientist Films 3-Legged Turtle in Egypt

travel, nature, Red Sea, turtle, wildlife, snorkeling, Sinai, turtleWhile snorkeling in the Red Sea just before Valentine’s Day, a Swiss scientist came across a 3-legged turtle.

Ivo Blöchliger was snorkeling in the increasingly vulnerable Red Sea just two days before Valentine’s Day when he came across a 3-legged turtle. The turtle was swimming in front of the Swisscare Reef in Nuweiba in South Sinai. The Swiss scientist proceeded to capture just over four minutes of what seems like a perfectly content turtle swimming peacefully. A few years ago, a You Tube clip depicting a turtle equipped with a prosthetic wheel made the rounds. Do you think this turtle needs a new leg?

Here’s the link to Igor’s Vimeo video:

And here’a  link to the You Tube clip of the turtle on wheels:

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One thought on “Swiss Scientist Films 3-Legged Turtle in Egypt”

  1. Aviva Weisgal says:

    The turtle seems to be doing ok. Less is more, less human intervention.

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