Heaven Forbid – Recycled Israeli Pencils Land on Saudi Shelves

trade, commerce, zionist, arab, recycled wood, recycled pencils, Kravitz, Israel, Saudi ArabiaTo the great shock and horror of a local journalist, recycled Israeli pencils are discovered for sale on the shelves of a popular store in Saudi Arabia.

A journalist from the Saudi paper Jazan was shocked to discover pencils brandishing an Israeli logo on the shelves of his local Abu Rialin store. Made from recycled wood, Kravitz pencils are a hugely popular product in Israel but have never been exported – particularly not to an Arab country.

The Jazan journalist criticized the Saudi Ministry of Commerce for allowing the sale of “zionist” goods in a popular chain store. What’s worse, the pencils are being sold for one third of what they cost in Israel ($1.30). Kravitz CEO Menashe Zilka told Ynet News that he has no idea how the pencils landed up in Saudi.

He suggests that maybe a wholesaler or entrepreneur bought a pile of pencils and persuaded Abu Rialin to stock them.

:: Ynet News

image via Cohdra, Morguefile

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