You’re Invited To The Jungle Ball!

Kuwait’s animal rights society is hosting a jungle-themed ball and art auction to raise awareness of the plight of animals in the country

The Middle East doesn’t exactly have a great reputation when it comes to animal rights and, in some way, you can understand why. Here at Green Prophet we have covered stories including stray dogs being shot dead in Lebanon, people in Dubai keeping cheetahs as ‘exotic pets’ and the lucrative wildlife smuggling trade in the region. Even so, there are some organisations working hard to change that which is why we are happy to shine a spotlight on their work.

In Kuwait, the Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitats is inviting supporters to come along to a fundraising jungle-themed ball to help raise awareness of the plight of animals.

The Kuwaiti organisation, known as K’S PATH for short, is an animal welfare organization and operates an open door shelter, which means they accept any and every animal that shows up at their door. They provide medical treatment to animals and also run an education program in schools to teach children compassion and kindness towards animals.

Working on the issue of animal’s rights in the Middle East can be tricky. When I interviewed Ashley Fruno of PETA, she told me that campaigners often felt criminalized for their work in the region and one protester advocating vegetarianism was even arrested in Jordan. As such, it’s great to see organisations like K’S PATH rescuing animals and helping to place them with suitable owners.

K’S Path is also a charitable organization which doesn’t receive any financial support from the government- as such, they rely on fundraising events to keep them afloat. The fundraising Jungle Ball event will be on Friday the 18th of November at 7.30pm and they are asking everyone to come in clothes inspired by wild animals (strictly no fur of course).

To purchase a ticket get in touch at [email protected].


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