UAE Tests Produce for Pesticides

image-fruit-and-vegetablesProtecting food security in Abu Dhabi.

A press release from the United Arab Emirate’s Ministry of Environment and Water states that in the past year, 8000,000 fruit and vegetables were tested for safe levels of pesticide residues. It seems that the scandal in Egypt over illicit pesticides resonates all over the Middle East.

The Ministry adds that close to 90% of the produce tested was found safe. This follows a national project for the control of pesticides  which was launched in 2009 . Of course, safest is organic produce with no pesticides at all.

It’s hard to know which way the UAE turn with regard to sustainable food. Although shark fishing is banned there, markets still sell the over-fished species without fear of consequences.

Then there is the ecologically ambiguous deal with McDonald’s, where the food giant delivers all its used vegetable oil for recycling into biodiesel fuel. Excellent idea. The problem with that is McDonald’s negative impact on the environment in the first place.

Still, with gestures like the greening of the Liwa International School in Al Ain, there’s great hope that widespread ecology awareness will become the norm in the influential UAE.

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