Eco Education Caravan Touring Lebanon This Month

"environmental education caravan"An eco caravan is bringing green education directly to the people of Lebanon this month.

A solar powered taxi is traveling the globe at the moment, and now an eco-education caravan has taken to the roads of Lebanon (which, unfortunately, have seen a 538% increase in car use over the past 24 years).  The caravan will be bringing the Lebanese people an opportunity to receive an “e-ecoeducation” (eee) and learn about electronic waste management, collection and recycling.  The caravan, which is sponsored both by the Lebanese Minister of Environment Nazem al-Khoury and Fondation Saradar, hopes to “promote and develop understanding, skills and values that will enable people to participate in the achievement of an ecologically sustainable society.”

The caravan, which is equipped with 10 computers and other educational devices, will help provide visitors with relevant information and mini training courses.

In order to ensure that the information is truly available to a wider audience, the caravan is furnished with a ramp to provide easier access for the disabled as well as special software geared towards the visually impaired.

At the caravan’s launch on October 24th, General Manager of Fondation Saradar Tania Helou said that “the program seeks to promote awareness, disseminate skills and knowledge to develop, create and implement a ‘green’ culture and to transform behaviors into environmentally responsible attitudes.”

The caravan began in Beirut and will continue towards the towns and villages of Mount Lebanon.  Municipalities, schools, universities and civil society unions will be targeted at first.

According to Fondation Saradar,

“through education, the proposed program that combines advocacy and practical applications, is set to draw and raise the attention of the public at large, but more particularly, of young generations and the active population to promoting the preservation and improvement of our natural environment through their business environment and the use of technology, a ‘must’ tool in today’s life.”

: Fondation Saradar
: The Daily Star

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