Solar Powered Taxi To Stop in Israel Next Week As Part of Worldwide Tour

"solar powered taxi"Beep beep!  This solar powered taxi intends to tour the globe on zero gas and a full tank of sunshine.

Swiss inventor Louis Palmer‘s solar powered taxi will be rolling into Israel next week, after having traveled to over 40 countries and through 60,000 kilometers already.  Without a single drop of standard fuel.  Powered by the sun, this revolutionary taxi will teach Israelis (and the world) that solar powered cars are a viable option for our future.  The country is already awaiting the widespread launch of Better Place’s more sustainable electric cars, but in the meantime, Palmer is showing us that the Middle East’s strong solar rays can be used for transportation as well.

Considering that Israel is endowed with 280 days of sunlight per year, Palmer hopes that his solar tour will encourage Israelis to take advantage of this natural resource.  The taxi will launch its Israeli journey on November 1st and is expected to stop in Jerusalem and a few cities in central Israel.

"raanana solar taxi"One of these stops will be in the central town of Raanana, where Louis Palmer will give a brief lecture about his fossil fuel-less vehicle.  Visitors will also have a chance to see the taxi up close.

Palmer’s taxi is powered by the solar cells on its roof, and a high-capacity battery made from salts, nickel and ceramics.  It can travel as fast as 90 kilometers per hour, and can go 400 kilometers per battery charge.

The taxi’s solar tour of Israel was organized by two environmental groups, Council for a Beautiful Israel and Eco Cinema.  The Council for a Beautiful Israel held a ceremony commemorating Palmer’s invention and voyage recently, and was attended by Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan.

: Israel Hayom

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Image via: Israel Hayom

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