4 eco tourism adventures for a summer in Lebanon

eco village lebanonNow that we’ve eco-toured Israel and Jordan, let’s move right along to another green tourism spot in the Middle East. Lebanon.

And it’s no surprise that a country that places a regional cedar tree in the center of its flag (colored in green) has lots and lots of eco tourism options.

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy Lebanon in an environmentally-friendly way:

1. TLB Destinations: TLB is a tour company that offers sustainable tourism trips all over the Middle East. The small company is local and multilingual (they speak English, French, Arabic, and German), and promotes responsible tourism. This means that their tour guides inform travelers about local concerns regarding the conservation of natural areas, support local communities, and that the company itself tries to raise awareness about biodiversity and heritage. TLB offers a diverse range of trips in Lebanon, including adventure, biking, cultural, gastronomical, discovery, trekking, and hiking tours.

2. Eco Village: Eco Village is a spot in the Dmit Valley for educational eco tourism. While staying in one of their mud huts or camps, you can enjoy organic meals, learn about the environment, and help out on their farm. In addition to organic farming, fishing, hiking, swimming, and rock climbing, you can also do some yoga or tai chi at the Eco Village.

3. Lebanon Mountain Trail: The Lebanon Mountain Trail is a 440 km path that leads from the northern tip of Lebanon to the southern part of the country and goes through more than 75 towns and villages. It promotes environmentally and socially responsible tourism, and is the first long distance hiking trail in Lebanon.

4. Blue Carrot Adventures: This tour group brings together nature and adventure lovers to explore Lebanon’s wilderness. Some of their adventures include snowshoeing, paragliding, amateur caving, and diving. Sign up for their mailing list to find out about their next adventure.

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8 thoughts on “4 eco tourism adventures for a summer in Lebanon”

  1. Nizar says:

    Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve http://www.shoufcedar.org

    Some of the highest mountains in the Middle East, providing a full wealth of ecosystem services including wild genes pool, freshwater storage, climate mitigation, hydro-geologic balance, and aesthetic/leisure value.

    The largest stands of Lebanese Cedars, one of the World’s great tree icons.

    Rich flora and plenty of medicinal plants with high potential economic value.

    Interesting wildlife with a good potential for restoration through the reintroduction of charismatic species such as Ibex, Gazelle, Vultures etc

    A crossroads for bird migration, strategically located on the routes between Europe, Africa, and West Asia.

  2. Sabina says:

    Thanks Green Prophet .our office is also getter greener …….we are seperating paper and plastic and sending them to recycling 🙂

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