Lebanon Launches New Recycling Campaign, "Think Before You Throw"

Before its garbage situation gets out of control, Lebanon is urging citizens to Think Before You Throw. [image via: blinkofaneye]

With the average Lebanese person allegedly producing 1 kilogram of waste a day, the situation is pretty trashy (especially when Lebanon garbage trucks dump into the sea).  Delegates attending the launch of Lebanon’s new recycling campaign, Think Before You Throw, last Thursday were made aware that this amounts to over 4,000 tons of garbage daily (or, enough trash to fill a football stadium to the brim).  The national recycling campaign is attempting to urge people to start separating their garbage into recyclable and organic bins.

The garbage will then be sorted by a private enterprise or by one of 18 solid-waste management plants being built around the country.  These facilities are being built as part of a European Commission initiative.

Patrick Laurent, the European Commission ambassador to Lebanon, explained that while workers at garbage sorting plants are capable of separating waste it is more productive and cost-effective to have the waste sorted in the home.

“It is essential to put the Lebanese citizen at the center of this initiative,” he said.  “Beyond issues of the initial investment and financial sustainability, an efficient solid waste management strategy must also involve a reduction in the volume of waste and a change in attitudes.”

Local NGOs will be targeting young people in Lebanon in schools, in order to instill a sense of environmental responsibility from a young age.

:: The Daily Star

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2 thoughts on “Lebanon Launches New Recycling Campaign, "Think Before You Throw"”

  1. R. says:

    I agree with mariam,
    I,too, have lots of sorted recyclable material waiting on my balcony.
    I’m willing to pay a small fee (5000 LL)if at least someone can pick it up twice a month.
    very good initiative, wish you all the luck.

  2. Mariam Shebaya says:

    we’ve recently started separating our garbage but have no idea where to send them. Any pointers on where to go, or even better, is there a recycling company that is willing to pick them up from home?

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