Can Bar Rafaeli and Spencer Tunick Save the Dead Sea?

bar rafaeli nakedBar’s out to save the Dead Sea -if the paparazzi will let her!

We’ve gone Naked at the Dead Sea with Spencer Tunick, promoted the Mid East’s three Natural Wonder candidates, and even used the publicity from being naked to protect the plight of the Lower Jordan River. But now, not only is naked art specialist Spencer Tunick  and TV cooking personality Martha Stewart  getting into the save the Dead Sea campaign, but top fashion models like Israel’s own Bar Rafaeli who is using her popularity to help promote the Dead Sea as well as a World Wonder.

bar rafaeli nakedRafaeli: More than just a “bombshell”

As Israel’s top poster model, and one of the world’s top glamor girls, Rafaeli’s efforts to garnish votes for the Dead Sea was given a further boost by her using her tweeter account, which has thousands of followers, to promote the Dead Sea.

Her efforts have certainly helped, and have probably done more than those of Israeli politicians like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, whose world wide clout is not as high in many circles.

Rafaeli, whose outstanding looks have made her a popular photo target for photographers the world over, was also joined by other Israeli personalities, including artists, such as singer Laila Malcos, photographer Elhanan Yair and fashion designer Osnat Suba.

The Dead Sea has been in the news a lot lately due to a number of environmental issues that have affected this salt lake, said to be the lowest point on earth. Rapidly decreasing water levels due to insufficient inflow from the Jordan River, now reduced to a polluted trickle. An even a new “water crisis” is being caused by rising waters in the hotel section of the lake that is not helping to save this unique body of water that is a top tourist site for both Israel and neighboring Jordan.

naked israelisNaked Dead Sea

If it takes 1,000 naked people floating on the placid saline waters, or a photo bombshell like Rafaeli to save the Dead Sea, then so be it. As part of the Seven World Wonders, the Dead Sea certainly deserves to be saved, as its unique beauty health benefits are an asset to all.

Photo: Reuters and Vincent Kessler :

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  1. Maurice says:

    Unfortunately, Bar’s efforts weren’t enough to push the Dead Sea over the line. It’s really too bad as this natural wonder deserves to be one of the seven. And politics shouldn’t play a part in the selection.

  2. Maya says:

    Are we sure that the second image is Bar Rafaeli?

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