Nokka Customized Cardboard Furniture for Everyday and Everyone

"upcycled cardboard stool"Upcycled, easily recycled and sturdy cardboard is the base material for Nokka’s furniture.

Cardboard is one of those miracle materials that has recently been rediscovered and used widely by sustainable designers.  It is easy to come by, easy to upcycle, and easy to recycle – and no less importantly, it is surprisingly strong and durable.  Cardboard has been used to create furniture for adults, cardboard dollhouses and cradles for kids, and even mounted cardboard deer heads.  Now Noah Naveh, a young designer from Moshav Beit Itzhak in Israel, has started making customized cardboard items (such as the New York Times inspired stools above) through her new company, Nokka.

"recycled cardboard furniture"Nokka’s collection is intended for users both young and old, and includes children’s tables and chairs, dressers, reclining chairs and other original design items.  All of the items are handmade and completely customizable.

The materials used to create Nokka’s furnishings are sometimes sourced from repurposed refrigerator, television and bicycle boxes.  They are not processed further, and are glued together using a special process that was developed in order to ensure stability and durability.

"upcycled cardboard furniture"Though cardboard may seem like a flimsy material to some, it is stronger than you’d think.  Nokka claims that its furnishings are durable and do not require special maintenance.  A special coating on the outside of the furnishings also makes them water resistant, so they can stand up to moisture and being used in children’s rooms.

: Nokka (in Hebrew)

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