Sanserif Creatius Carves A Cardboard Table With Arabic Devotion

mustafa-table-valenciaThis beautiful table designed to evoke the genie in the lamp was carved out of layers of biodegradable, corrugated cardboard.

Sanserif Creatius is not the first designer to notice the jewels that comprise ancient Arabic art, design, and architecture. Mey and Boaz Khan made these lovely ecoolers that mimic ancient Arabic detail and ecological awareness, Hassan Fathy built sustainable structures that cherished the genius simplicity of old, and even Foster & Partners borrow extensively from the past. But what is most remarkable about the Mustafá table is the material out of which it was carved. Designed to be versatile and to conjure up the genie of the lamp or A thousand and one night stories from the original tale Scheherazade, this beautiful table is carved out of several layers of corrugated cardboard. Part of a larger, exclusive series, the layers create a multifoil or scalloped arch.

Scalloped arches feature prominently in Arabic architecture, but why would a Valencia-based designer care to represent this legacy?

According to the artists:

Spain keeps and maintains a legacy of Arabic culture and traditions. The arts and crafts held for generations. Relying on their standard of beauty and applying their knowledge, rescue and reproduce elements of this style, integrating and adapting to modern times. Arab architecture –and furniture too- has been one of the most beautiful in the world because of it’s lavish design and beauty. Summarizing and reflecting the best possible way, the wealth of other influences found. That’s the real inspiration of Mustafá table.

Sanserif Creatius, then, has taken up the Spanish tradition of preserving the Arabic tradition, in a way that has strong social benefits. The designer Ana Yago is especially committed to finding sustainable solutions to societal needs while always fostering cooperation, respect and coexistence.

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